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Your investment in the future of our ‘Imiloa is an investment in the students and futures of Hawaii’s keiki and our community.  It makes it possible for us to build tomorrow’s explorers and give them the tools and inspiration they need to reach for the stars.  Please join us as we celebrate our past success and our exciting future.  Make your gift today and help to make a difference.  

‘Imiloa Enrichment Fund

The Enrichment Fund at ‘Imiloa is our annual fund helping to support operations and diverse programming we offer to our local community and keiki. Private support enhances our ability to sustain, grow and move quickly on opportunities that arise.  

‘Imiloa Landscape Fund

The Landscape Fund supports the maintenance and beautification of ‘Imiloa’s award-winning landscape. Did you know that we received the 2009 Hawaii Landscape Association Award for Environmental Stewardship? Help support keeping our exhibit gardens green and our living laboratory alive for visitors to enjoy!

‘Imiloa Education Fund/Adopt-a-Visit

The Education Fund at ‘Imiloa supports educational programming like our after school programs, science sleepovers, Furlough Friday programming, and sharing exciting science and culture with tomorrow’s explorers.  

‘Imiloa Planetarium Programming

This fund helps to support the diverse programming our planetarium offers and helps to maintain one of the shining stars of the ‘Imiloa experience.  

‘Imiloa Wayfinding & Navigation Programs

This fund helps to support Wayfinding & Navigation programs at ‘Imiloa – including curriculum development, youth development programming and others. 

The University of Hawaii Foundation is the non-profit arm of the University of Hawai‘i and of ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of the UH Hilo campus. All gifts are made through a secure server located at the University of Hawaii Foundation’s website. Donations are tax deductible, you will receive a receipt, and funds directly benefit ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center programs and initiatives. Acknowledgement will be received from ‘Imiloa.  

Questions? Please contact our Development Office at (808) 932-8921.