Imiloa, Hilo Attractions | The Navigator's Chant
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The Navigator’s Chant (A call to action)

Ka Ipu Ho‘okele

Kahea: E ‘ohi‘ohi i na pono!
Pane: He Ka, he Iwi, he Makau, he Lupe!
Ua lako ka ipu a ka ho‘okele!

The Navigators Gourd

Command: Gather up your tools!
Reply: A bailer, a bone, a fishhook, a kite!
The gourd of the navigator is provisioned!

Composed by Kaimana Barcarse

Gather Up Your Tools

This modern day chant incorporates the use of metaphor to call out to aspiring navigators to gather up their provisions to put to sea.

Their reply of a Bailer, a Bone, a Fishhook, a Kite, identifies the Four Star Families that make up the principal star map that enable wayfinders to orientate and navigate.

Responding in this manner symbolically lets others know that one is ready for action and well-prepared to begin the journey. A capable navigator would be very familiar with these Star Families and would know how to employ these stars to guide canoes on an ocean passage.

The Four Star Families are: Kekaomakali‘i, Kaiwikuamo‘o, Manaiakalani, and Kalupeakawelo.