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Good corporate citizens wanted.

Together we'll do great things.

There are many ways to be a good corporate citizen, but few opportunities offer as much potential for mutual reward as a Corporate Membership with 'Imiloa. 

By joining us at one of our corporate-giving levels your company will join other local businesses in enjoying the many standard benefits of Corporate Membership, including valuable benefits that you can pass on to your employees and clients. At the same time, you’ll be financially supporting 'Imiloa's educational impact in your local community.

Our four levels of corporate giving have something for every company. 

  • $2000 Ka Haweo
  • $1500 Ka Li'ula
  • $1000 Ke Ka'iao

Click here to download our corporate membership brochure.  

Every organization wants to have an impact on its community in visible, measurable ways. When you can accomplish this goal and receive something in return, it benefits everyone. 

Naming Opportunities

We can also tailor something specific for your company including named recognition opportunities like naming a particular area of ‘Imiloa such as the Bank of Hawaii Museum Store, the Earl and Doris Bakken Moanahōkū Hall, or the Ginzo and Yukie Kobayashi Pi’ilani Garden at ‘Imiloa.  For more information on this type of opportunity, please visit the Naming Opportunities section of our website.  

Corporate Sponsorship

Every year, 'Imiloa brings a diverse range of educational programming to our Hawai'i island community reaching more than 55,000 people annually as a result. Won’t you consider partnering with us as a corporate sponsor and reaping the rewards of reaching such a large and culturally engaged audience? A gift that incorporates an exhibition or program sponsorship is a marketing win-win for everyone. Specific benefits for your corporation could include access to the museum’s audience, recognition on our website.

TALK TO US! For additional information about Corporate Giving, call our Development Office (808) 932-8921.

The University of Hawai‘i Foundation is the non-profit arm of the University of Hawai‘i and of ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of the UH Hilo campus.  All gifts are made through a secure server located at the University of Hawai‘i Foundation’s website. Donations are tax deductible, you will receive a receipt, and funds directly benefit ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center programs and initiatives.  Acknowledgement will be received from ‘Imiloa.