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Fragile Planet

     Earth, our only known haven for life, inhabits a special place in the cosmos. But how special? Sigourney Weaver guides audiences on an immersive excursion that will inspire a new perspective on our home world.  After a close look at Earth, Fragile Planet visits the planets and moons in our solar system in search of hide-outs for life, and then takes in our ongoing exoplanetary exploration and extragalactic discoveries.
    The visually intense program uses the latest visualization techniques to weave together observed data, including high-resolution satellite and spacecraft imagery, terrain maps, and pinpoint positioning of stars, exoplanets, and galaxies. Weaver’s sensitive narration provides a poetic counterpoint to the rich visuals, and renowned giant screen composer Michael Stearns creates a deeply evocative multi-dimensional sound environment. The spectacular visuals are augmented by an audio environment that is as immersive as the imagery.