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Hawaiian Beliefs & Theories

The piko, or center of our exhibit focuses on the sacred mountain of Maunakea and its significance to the Hawaiian people. Here you will learn about:

  • How the trees, animals and stones of this mountain relate to the tradition of long-distance voyaging.
  • The historical and spiritual significance of this mountain as a place that connects Hawaii's people to the cosmos.
  • The Kumulipo, a genealogy chant that takes the listener back to the beginning of the universe, sharing the Hawaiian understanding of the evolution of life and humanity’s connection to the world we live in.

Astronomy Beliefs & Theories

Through informational panels and interactive exhibits, the Astronomy Origins tunnel explores the scientific understanding of the creation of: 

  • Life on Earth – and scientific theories about how life evolved
  • Earth, Planets and the Milky Way
  • Stars and Galaxies
  • Our Universe