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In Hawaiian Culture

We focus on four major areas where the Hawaiian people are continuing to make innovations as we move into the future:

  • the Hawaiian voyaging tradition, with the wa‘a, or canoe serving as an instrument of exploration here on planet Earth, using the navigators' extensive knowledge of the stars to guide the crew to new destinations
  • Hawaiian music, where practitioners have taken introduced instruments and made adaptations to transform them into something uniquely Hawaiian.
  • Hula, a thriving tradition which had to be practiced "underground" for half a century during the 1800s before resurfacing and spreading around the world.
  • Hawaiian language, which was illegal in public schools for 90 years but made an amazing resurgence since the 1980s and is now used from preschool through graduate school as well as in the larger community, especially here on Hawaii island.

In Astronomy

We focus on the telescope as an instrument of exploration to help us better understand the Universe and our place in it. Here you can learn about:

  • The observatories located at Maunakea's summit, and the research they are doing.
  • The various types of light that we know of, and what we can learn by making observations with telescopes that can work with different wavelengths of light.
  • How Adaptive Optics are used to generate the clearest images possible.
  • What scientists have discovered about the structure of our Universe.