Imiloa, Hilo Attractions | Awesome Light Trilogy Series
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Awesome Light 1: Big Mirrors on the Mountain

This show gives audiences insight into the latest discoveries taking place on Maunakea. It will look at the Subaru Observatory, which studies distant solar systems, stars and planets that may be similar to our own.  Viewers also go inside Gemini Observatory, which has watched the death of a star in a far-off galaxy to understand how the universe seeds elements that form the building blocks of all matter.  Audiences will learn about the Legacy Survey, at CFHT, which has mapped many thousands of galaxies to better understand how structure in the universe was created.

Awesome Light 2: Seeing the Invisible

How do we see the invisible? By looking using different kinds of eyes!  Awesome Light 2 takes the audience to Maunakea and the radio and submillimeter observatories located there.  In this episode we see the remnants a comet collision with Jupiter using the Smithsonian Submillimeter Array, fly into the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy and see gas flows there from James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, study star formation in the famous Whirlpool Galaxy from Caltech Submillimeter Observatory, and explore at the largest black hole and jet in the Universe with the Very Long Baseline array.

Awesome Light 3: Chasing Celestial Mysteries

In this program we examine how near Earth asteroids are explored with the NASA IRTF, discover how supernovae detected by UH88 teach us about the size and age of our universe, view our Milky Way galaxy in a new way with the UKIRT, and hear the personal stories of discovery and inspiration from Hawaiian students using the UHH Hoku Kea telescope.