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Partners and Collaborators

‘Ohana Wa‘a

Since the inception of the modern day revival of voyaging in the mid 1970s the voyaging community has experienced phenomenal growth with new voyaging organizations established across communities in Hawaii and parts of Polynesia.

The exponential growth of voyaging organizations is a direct result of today's communities demanding programs that engage multi-aged learners in an experience that is challenging, nurturing, impactful, and conducted in a dynamic and relevant environment. On a voyaging canoe, where values, language, and critical thinking skills all come together in hands on way.

In response to the rapid growth of voyaging programs, voyaging leaders gathered at ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center in 2006 to create an organization that would serve as a vehicle to articulate their commitment to a common vision and to allow independent progress forward of all entities along parallel tracks. 

The name adopted for this voyaging alliance is ‘Ohana Wa‘a, Canoe Family. On the evening of October 17, 2009, leaders from the founding organizations of ‘Ohana Wa‘a, gathered at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center to participate in an adze tying ceremony to symbolically and publicly commit themselves to a common mission and vision as a collective statement of their transformation from a independent league of voyaging organizations into a voyaging movement. 


The ‘Ohana Wa‘a Mission Statement:

E Ola Mau…
To Perpetuate...
E kuhi ka ihu
I na ‘ale kua loloa
E pa ka makani…
I poho na pe‘a
E haka‘i ka la…
I hua ka po
E kau na hoku...
I akaaka ke ala
E kele na wa‘a...
I ke ala o na kupuna
E ola mau loa na wa‘a kaulua o Hawaii

Let the bow point
to the long backed sea swells
Let the winds blow...
So that the sails may be full
Let the sun lead...
And the night be fruitful
Let the stars come out
That the way be apparent
Let the way be directed
On the path of our ancestors
Let the traditions of the canoe live on.

‘Ohana Wa‘a Membership