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Explore the amazing rhythms, patterns and cycles of life on earth, in the sea and sky through a series of fun and multi-sensory activities as students are guided on a journey through ‘Imiloa’s indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Travel faster than the speed of light through space and time past planets, spiraling galaxies and even deeper into the origins of the Universe in ‘Imiloa’s full-dome planetarium.

Custom build your ‘Imiloa school field trip experience to the grade level and content standards of your class. Popular topics include astronomy, Hawaiian culture, water cycle, ocean, plants, atmosphere and climate change.


“We had an amazing time and look forward to returning this school year. What awesome guides!!!!”

     Kaiolohia Tolentino, kindergarten teacher, Kanu o ka 'Āina New Century Public Charter School

“‘Imiloa Astronomy Center impresses me every year with continuous improvements in the facilities, exhibits, programs, and opportunities for students to learn. The center enhances our classroom studies by blending culture and science through hands-on experiences; and learning from the amazing docents and educators!”

     Cobey Doi, 4th grade teacher, Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy

“The tailor-made, hands-on lessons by the staff provide students with a much more memorable experience than what can be taught in the classroom.”

     Bailey Harrison, 8th grade teacher, Mililani Middle School

‘Imiloa encourages students and teachers to live, laugh and love Hawai‘i science.

School Field Trips:
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  2. Planetarium show library
We will respond with e-mail confirmation of your date and free bus reservation.
Free Bus

Thanks to the support of the "Adopt a Visit Field Trip Fund" at ‘Imiloa, the support of our valued benefactors, and donations from our local community, ‘Imiloa is pleased to offer FREE* transportation for a LIMITED time. BOOK NOW to reserve your  field trip. *Free bus available to Big Island school groups with a minimum of 25 paid admissions.

We have the resources to make it a great experience for you and your students.

‘Imiloa provides accommodations for accessibility for persons with disabilities.  For accommodations contact Punawai Rice, at 932-8924 or  email ten business days prior to event.