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Choose the 'Imiloa Field Trip to inspire exploration in your students!

 “Ahu kupanaha iā Hawai‘i ‘imi loa.”
Innovation and resourcefulness illuminate Hawai‘i’s wondrous treasures.

                            -Kepelino, 19 century Hawaiian Scholar

‘Imiloa means to seek far and is the Hawaiian word for both explore and explorer. Through a Hawai‘i
lens, we explore our place in the genealogy of the universe and continually seek, learn and adapt to our
ever-evolving environment that inspires discovery and innovation.

Our next generation of innovators and explorers have all the resources they need here in Hawai‘i, from
their fertile lands, loving community, and rich heritage, to understand their past in preparing for the
future. Our land and our community (place and people) create unique and transformative experiences
for our children.

Grounded in place and community, our educational team crafts “endemic” experiences, found only here
on Hawai‘i Island, in Hilo, at the ‘Imiloa Astronomy Center of Hawai‘i.

We develop, implement and assess ‘Imiloa’s educational programs with the objective of ensuring that:

  • Exploring & learning at ‘Imiloa is fun and multi-sensory.
  • The ‘Imiloa experience is relevant to our students.
  • ‘Imiloa honors Hawai‘i’s legacy of exploration and intimate knowledge of the environment that has been passed down through generations.
  • The ‘Imiloa experience is transformative and a catalyst for creating personal connections to Earth, Sea, Sky and Community.
  • The ‘Imiloa experience propels our thoughts toward the future.
School Field Trips:
  1. Field Trip Request form and Polices
    • Problems saving & sending completed form? Download and save to your computer. Open and view with Adobe Reader and not your browser. If all else fails, print, complete and fax to 808-969-9748.
  2. Planetarium show library
We will respond with e-mail confirmation of your date and free bus reservation.
Free Bus

Thanks to the support of the "Adopt a Visit Field Trip Fund" at ‘Imiloa, the support of our valued benefactors, and donations from our local community, ‘Imiloa is pleased to offer FREE* transportation for a LIMITED time. BOOK NOW to reserve your  field trip. *Free bus available to Big Island school groups with a minimum of 25 paid admissions.

We have the resources to make it a great experience for you and your students.

‘Imiloa provides accommodations for accessibility for persons with disabilities.  For accommodations contact Punawai Rice, at 969-9765 or  email price@imiloahawaii.org ten business days prior to event.