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Known to be one of the most advanced and complex civilizations in the World, the Maya are marveled for their remarkable and immense varied knowledge and skills, ranging from food and art to architecture, textiles and science.

Directed by Arne Jin An Wong, Tales of the Maya Skies is a thoughtful and creative production about the history and culture of the Maya people in the Yucatan that showcases the Maya’s contributions to science, mathematics, and astronomy. This dynamic program explores the evolution of Maya Astronomy from mythology—stories to unravel the mysteries of life—to astrology—using the stars to guide one’s life—to scientific observational Astronomy— understanding our universe based on facts not faith, all within the settings of ‘Imiloa’s planetarium and full-dome digital presentation.

Earlier Event: November 23
AWESOME LIGHT 2: Seeing the Invisible
Later Event: November 23
CYBER CANOE at ʻImiloa